Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sound of the Week

Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells, a fairly new band in the indie scene, was formed in 2008 in Brooklyn. The duo is comprised of Allison Krauss (vocals) and Derek Miller (beat production, songwriting, guitar). Genre? I call it Noise Pop, others call it DancePop (NOT my words). Their debut album “Treats” came out this month. Give these videos a whirl, let me know what you think.

Fun Facts

· Krauss has been nominated for 26 Grammys, including a win for her collaboration with Jimmy Page called Raising Sand. She is also the female vocal in Phish’s “If I Could”
· Derek Miller was an original member of the Florida-based hardcore band Poison the Well.
· Krauss, 39, is a former 5th grade teacher in the Bronx.

"Crown on the Ground" by Sleigh Bells, from LP Treats

"Ring Ring", Sleighbells, from Treats