Sunday, March 20, 2011

John Hughes Tribute #3 - Some Kind of Wonderful

Some Kind of Wonderful

John Hughes wrote this teen-romance in 1986, the movie came out in 1987 directed by Howard Deutch. It is the story of Watts, played by Mary Stuart Masterson, who discovers she has deep feelings for her best friend, Keith (played by Eric Stoltz), after he starts dating the most popular girl in school, Amanda (played by Lea Thompson.) Masterson's performance was singled out, which led to roles in movies such as the Back To The Future series. Enjoy the following 2 videos from the movie's soundtrack.

Lick The Tins - Can't Help Falling In Love

The March Violets - Turn To The Sky (1986) [HQ]

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Overheard in the City - Pregnancy Edition

Woman on Cell: So remember the time I almost had that miscarriage?
-Grand Concourse and Fordham Rd
Random lady to pregnant Indian woman: It's a girl. Girls make your ass look huge.
Pregnant Indian Woman: Oh, but it's a boy...I just went to the doctor.
Random lady: Did the doctor see your huge ass?
-Cortelyou Rd, Brooklyn
Teen Girl #1: Ugh, I hate that when you get pregnant, you have to get a new belly ring.
Teen Girl #2: Ugh! I know. That's why I'm not getting one yet.
-Bus Stop, Queens
Girl #1: I will kill all of your first-borns!
Girl #2: All of them?
-Megabus, Penn Station
Thirty-something Woman to boyfriend: There be some muthafuckas up in here who think this shit some form of birth control. I'm woman enough; I gave birth to six kids. I ain't doin' it again.
-Abortion Clinic, Queens
Employee #1 to customer with a baby: That is the cutest baby I have ever seen!
Employee #2: I think my boyfriend and I would have an ugly baby.
Employee #1, to customer: No. Ugly people usually have the cutest babies.
Law School wannabe girl #1: Maybe I can sell my eggs for,like, $50,000.
Law School wannabe girl #2: But what happens if your kid is out there dating their brother or sister?
Law School wannabe girl #1: That's a good point....there's a chance that would happen.
Law School wannabe girl #2: That's why you need to follow up on your eggs and find them in the real world, and check in on them.
-Bryant Park
Friend #1: I hope I never have an ugly baby.
Friend #2: Well then don't get pregnant.
-B38 Bus
African American single mother: And what do they say on Maury?
Three-year old daugher: You are not the father.
-Metro-North Rail

Sunday, March 13, 2011

John Hughes Tribute #2: Ferris Beuller's Day Off


This cult teen-romance movie from John Hughes came out in 1986, but is still quoted today: especially the scene where Ferris' teacher (with the nasally voice) is taking roll call. "Beuller? Beuller? Beuller??..................Anyone? Anyone?"

The movie stars Matthew Broderick as Ferris, who plans and implements an epic senior skip-day for the ages. He is joined by his girlfriend Sloane (Mia Sara) and his best friend Cameron (Alan Ruck) as they trapeze through Chicago, visiting such landmarks as the Sears Tower, The Art Institute of Chicago, and, most impressively, Wrigley Field.

Meanwhile back in school, Ferris' sister Jeanie (Jennifer Grey) and the evil Dean of Students try to catch Ferris in the act. Hilarity ensues.

Below you will find 3 videos of songs from the movie that I felt captured it's spirit. If you reached this through a facebook link, click "Indie-Ahh" to get the videos. Enjoy!

source: google images

Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Parade Scene

, from Ferris Beuller's Day Off

I dream of Jeannie - Ferris Beuller Soundtrack

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The "UP" House created for REAL.

The "UP" House
The National Geographic channel produced a real-life version of the Balloon House in the animated film "Up." Two world-class balloon pilots along with several scientisis and engineers successfully launched this 16'x16' house with 18 feet of weathered balloons from an airfield near LA. The house, carried by 300 of the helium colored balloons, reached an altitude of 3,000 meters and remained in the air for just under an hour. Wish I was there.
source: NatGeo

Pavement - Cut your hair

For my Bestie - Jackie.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

John Hughes Tribute #1: Pretty in Pink

John Hughes - Pretty in Pink
This 1986 teenage romantic comedy starred Molly Ringwald as "Andie," the girl from "the wrong side of the tracks," Jon Cryer as her best friend "Duckie," and Andrew McCarthy as rich, preppy "Blaine," Andie's huge crush. I've chosen three songs that I feel really capture the movie. The videos are below. ENJOY! (If you've reached this through Facebook, click on the Blog itself (Indie-Ahh) to see videos.)

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - If You Leave

Barry Manilow - Copacabana

The Psychedelic Furs - Pretty In Pink