Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Classic Toy of the Day

The Cheeseburger Climber
I remember seeing these everywhere....we had a family of three swimmers, who were always traveling around and looking for the quick bite. Staring at this now, I realize why I NEVER went inside. Perhaps this was the start of my vegetarianism?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

City Sound-Bites

Recently Heard in the City

Mom #1: Wow, it is such a beautiful day out. I really wish there was a park around here.

Mom #2: Yeah, they should get on that.

--83rd St & Madison Ave

Girl #1: So what's your background? What nationalities are you?

Girl #2: Oh, I'm just American. I'm Jewish, though.

--Chelsea Market

Blonde: There were three of them; they were twins.

--Lunasa Bar, East Village

Bimbette #1: Oh my god! I just realized my brother and I have the same last name!
Bimbette #2: Really?
Bimbette #1: Yeah, it never hit me before.

--BX10 Bus

Frazzled mother to young child: Hurry. Hurry. Look, the monster is going to get you if you don't walk faster!

--Queens Mall

Instructor: Those people outside are crazy, wearing big ol' leather boots in this kind of heat!

Student: Maybe they're from Texas?

Instructor: Nah, they looked pretty American to me.

--Beauty School, 35th & 8th

Husband in theater: Water? I never touch the stuff. Fish fuck in it.

Wife, looking around, embarrassed: Go on, honey. Have another beer.

--Shakespeare in the Park, Delacourte Theatre

Male NYU student: Yay, my mom's picking me up!


Sobbing five-year-old girl to mom in CD section: I wanna download, I don't wanna waste my money.

--Borders, Columbus Circle

Barista to client: Today is the first day of summer, so it's the longest day of the year!

Client: Oh, yeah, how long is it exactly? Cashier: I dunno, like 27 hours or something.


Frantic woman: Excuse me, is this the train to Manhattan?

--Penn Station

source: http://www.overheardinnewyork.com/

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dumb-Ass of the Day

This charming, smiling beauty will not be named "Mother-of-the-Year" anytime soon.

Meet Tina Williams. Or rather, hope you NEVER meet Tina Williams. Authorities pulled her over after observing her running a red light and driving erratically all over the center lane of US 1 South. After approaching the car, the deputy noticed three things: (1) the stench of alcohol, (2) a one-year old child sitting in the backseat without a carseat or seatbelt, and, are you ready for this one? (3) a case of Busch beer in the front passenger seat with a seatbelt around it. When asked why the girl wasn't restrained, Ms. Williams answered "I don't know."

Among the charges she incurred are: DUI, Driving Without a Valid License, Child Endangerment, Running a Red Light, and Failure to Secure Child Safely. Among the charges she did NOT incurr are BEING A MAJOR-GRADE DUMBASS, BEING A MOTHER, AND DRINKING NASTY BEER.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Amazing Baby - Headdress

Sound of the Week

Amazing Baby

Amazing Baby was formed in Brooklyn in 2008. Their debut album was 2009's Rewild, from which this video was made. I would classify their music as indie-psych-rock, and it is heavily guitar-driven. The mainstays of the band are Will Roan (vocals) and Simon O'Connor (guitar). They will be touring America for the first time very soon, so watch for them.

Fun Facts

  • They toured the UK with MGMT, with whom they also attended college at Wesleyan University, a liberal arts school in Connecticut.
  • I would compare their sound to MGMT and Love, other bands that dreamy and anthemic.
  • The rest of the band is made up of a dozen or more rotating friends of the Roan and O'Connor.
  • Months before the band was signed, they were featured on Jonesy's Jukebox, a radio show hosted by Steve Jones, guitarist for the Sex Pistols.

Saturday, July 17, 2010



Simon, oh how I loved you. You were this big round plastic beauty of color and song. I remember crying one time (ok, maybe twice) when your batteries died and there were no backups in the house. I would play with you for hours and hours and never share with my brothers. Your glowing, blinking lights fascinated me, and your tones soothed me. I can even remember my record (NO, I am NOT competetive) - it was 76. Yes, I was awesome, you were awesome, and I'll never forget you.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Questionable Food Item of the Day

Introducing: The CANwich!!

Now this fabulous entree has more to offer than just yumminess-in-a-can. But we'll start with that - there are THREE wonderful options: PB&J Grape, PB&J Strawberry, and my personal fave BBQ Chicken. Once you've decided which gourmet meal to consume, simply pop the can and GO! No plate, no dishes, just deliciousness!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

City Sound-Bites

Recently Overheard in the City

Conductor: Sir, please remove your head from the closing doors!

--Downtown B Train

NYU professor: Stay away from drugs. (pause) Unless they're recreational and you know what you're doing!

--NYU Silver Center

Mime on cell: Who the fuck is this?

--2nd Ave & 13th St

Man to woman, about his father: Yeah, he was so great, so smart... A drug addict. He was always there for me. Like, if I needed something, anything, he'd go steal it for me. That's what sticks with you, you know?

--1 Train

Guy, walking toward Broadway: You're the one that I want.
Girl, walking toward 7th Ave: You're the one that I want.
Both, as they continue to walk away: Oo oo oo, honey!

--Times Square

Chinese girl: Come with me to Ikea on Saturday?
Italian guy: Get a boyfriend!

--Wall St.

Little girl: Mommy! Is that Times Square!? I see lights, mommy! It's Times Square!
Mommy: Umm... Where, honey? We're not there yet.
Little girl: Yes, we are! Look, mommy! Look at the lights! Peep World, mommy! Peep World!

--33rd St & 7th Ave

Toddler waiting for subway with mom: I need a snack.

Mother: You need a smack!

--Franklin Ave

Very old frail-looking woman leaving crowded train: Goddamned people and their fucking backpacks!

--6 Train

Short girl, trying to reach a shelf: John*, I need your height.

John*: I'm 6'2".

--112th St & Central Park West

source: www.overheardinthecity.com

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Sound of the Week

Male Bonding

This three-man indie-rock band hails from Dalston, UK, and has been making hazy, lo-fi fuzz rock for 2 years. Their first full-legnth studio release Nothing Hurts came out this May. The only current bands out there I would sonically compare them to are the Dum Dum Girls and Surfer Blood. All of their songs are short and full of hooks, and, oh yeah, they Explode!

Fun Facts

  • Their first live show was a house party in 2008 called "Rage!"
  • Members are Robin Christian (Drums), John Webb (Guitar, Vocals) and Kevin Hendrick (Bass, Vocals)
  • In Christian's "Festival Survival Kit" are pajamas and acid.
  • They have toured with Vivian Girls, No Age and Wavves.
  • Other songs to check out are T.U.F.F. and Nothing Remains.
  • All hold full-time jobs. As Christian explains it: "There really isn't any money in music at the level we're at."

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dumb-Ass of the Day

Ypsilanti police arrested a drunken couple early this morning after they were pushing a baby stroller with two young boys, open containers of alcohol and a bayonet inside, a police news release said. According to the release, officers responded to the 500 block of Perry Street about 1:30 a.m. after the woman attempted to grab a bicycle off someone's porch.Security guards had been watching the couple and detained the woman, the release said. Officers found the woman's sons, ages 1 and 4, in the stroller - along with the open containers and a "double-edged bayonet," the release said.Police said both were highly intoxicated and a "long way" from their residence. The 30-year-old woman and 52-year-old man, both from Ypsilanti Township, were taken into custody. The children were turned over to a relative who lives nearby, the release said.