Sunday, July 18, 2010

Amazing Baby - Headdress

Sound of the Week

Amazing Baby

Amazing Baby was formed in Brooklyn in 2008. Their debut album was 2009's Rewild, from which this video was made. I would classify their music as indie-psych-rock, and it is heavily guitar-driven. The mainstays of the band are Will Roan (vocals) and Simon O'Connor (guitar). They will be touring America for the first time very soon, so watch for them.

Fun Facts

  • They toured the UK with MGMT, with whom they also attended college at Wesleyan University, a liberal arts school in Connecticut.
  • I would compare their sound to MGMT and Love, other bands that dreamy and anthemic.
  • The rest of the band is made up of a dozen or more rotating friends of the Roan and O'Connor.
  • Months before the band was signed, they were featured on Jonesy's Jukebox, a radio show hosted by Steve Jones, guitarist for the Sex Pistols.

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