Wednesday, July 7, 2010

City Sound-Bites

Recently Overheard in the City

Conductor: Sir, please remove your head from the closing doors!

--Downtown B Train

NYU professor: Stay away from drugs. (pause) Unless they're recreational and you know what you're doing!

--NYU Silver Center

Mime on cell: Who the fuck is this?

--2nd Ave & 13th St

Man to woman, about his father: Yeah, he was so great, so smart... A drug addict. He was always there for me. Like, if I needed something, anything, he'd go steal it for me. That's what sticks with you, you know?

--1 Train

Guy, walking toward Broadway: You're the one that I want.
Girl, walking toward 7th Ave: You're the one that I want.
Both, as they continue to walk away: Oo oo oo, honey!

--Times Square

Chinese girl: Come with me to Ikea on Saturday?
Italian guy: Get a boyfriend!

--Wall St.

Little girl: Mommy! Is that Times Square!? I see lights, mommy! It's Times Square!
Mommy: Umm... Where, honey? We're not there yet.
Little girl: Yes, we are! Look, mommy! Look at the lights! Peep World, mommy! Peep World!

--33rd St & 7th Ave

Toddler waiting for subway with mom: I need a snack.

Mother: You need a smack!

--Franklin Ave

Very old frail-looking woman leaving crowded train: Goddamned people and their fucking backpacks!

--6 Train

Short girl, trying to reach a shelf: John*, I need your height.

John*: I'm 6'2".

--112th St & Central Park West


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