Monday, October 18, 2010

The Golden Girls Freak Dolls

Creepy Toy of the Day

First off, I am NOT a Hater. I love me some Girls just as much as anyone...well, except for the Crazies. However, I never pictured them as a set of Babushka Dolls. This picture will keep me Wiiiiiide awake at night as I drown in sweat, cursing the Toy Gods for making Rose so small. And isn't it just a little cruel making Dorothy so massive? I mean I never thought her forehead was that large. She looks like she could enjoy that cup of tea while eating Sophia. I do appreciate the effort put into giving Blanche boobies, though. They may be down to her feet, but they are still Magnificent ChiChis. What will REALLY be keeping me up at night is wondering what the hell the owners of these delicate creations will be stuffing inside. Shudder.