Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jennifer Maestre - Colored Pencil Sculptures

Maestre's Sculptures
Michigan-based Jennifer Maestre sculpts nature and creature-inspired works made solely of colored pencils after she discovered nails did not give her the variation in form she wanted. Her sculptures are featured exclusively at Mobilia Gallery in Cambridge, MA. Below is a quick take on the works shown above.
1. "Aurora" depicts petals and sun-rays
2. "Terpsichore" shows 3 dancing girls and garlands of flower
3. "Silkie" a mythological seal that sheds his skin and becomes human
4. "Threnody" depicts a hymn of mourning and loss
5. "Ursulina" inspired by a pug
6. "Seethe" shows lava bubbling out of a volcano
7. "Kraken" inspired by sea-monsters
8. "Materialize" depicts an object rising out of a swirl
9. "Ibentina" inspired by ancient Egyptian sculptures
10. "Pelt" one of Maestre's firsts and favorites

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