Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gallery of a Retro-Candy

source: thechive.com

1. Cream Pops So yummy, impossible not to bite. I want one.

2. Potato Stix So greasy, the box deteriorated before you were done.

3. Burnt Peanuts Why would anyone name a product this? Still, I want some.

4. Bottle Caps Cavities, cavities, cavities. YUM!

5. Mrs. Butterworth's Who remembers she had a uni-boob? Or is it a 3rd eye?

Pudding Pie Thank God I never read the ingredients. Seriously, thank you God.

7. Pudding Pops Bill Cosby.

8. Turtle Pops Melted faster than a speeding-bullet, causing you to get so sticky, you HAD to go in the water afterwards. Parental sanity tool. I want one. I want them all!

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