Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dumb-Ass of the Day

This lovely mugshot is one Christina Gamble, a 43-year old woman from Quakertown, Pennsylvania. What is her offense? If it's listed here, you know it's Dumb.

Gamble claimed she fell and hurt her back while working in a restaurant. Apparently, this fall (bet it was a cucumber slice on the floor) left her unable to stand or change postitions. According to authorities, she received more than $22,000 in disability payments since 2007.

The problem? While she was collecting on her extremely-debilitating injury, she was also working as a stripper at a fancy little place called "C. R. Fanny's Gentlemen's Club." No, I did NOT make that name up. I guess making sexy-times with a pole is gentler on the body than carrying a tossed salad to a table.....

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