Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gallery of Dead Sodas

1. Hubba Bubba: Tasted like that piece of Bazooka gum you swallowed right after it became juicy.

2. 7-Up Gold: Sort of like caffeinated ginger-ale. But gross.

3. Pepsi Tropical Chill: No recollection whatsoever. Probably a good thing.

4. Fudgsicle Fudge Soda: Where have you gone????

5. Clearly Canadian Wild Cherry: 2.1 fl. oz?? And it didn't sell?

6. Flinstones Fruit Soda: Never tried it, but Brontosaurus Blue Raspberry sounds sweet!

7. Coke II: FAIL

8. Crystal Pepsi: Huh?

9. New York Seltzer: Bagel shops will never be the same.

10. Orbitz: Just a warm-up for Goldschlager.


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